Media Bailout Backfires, Putin Interview Repercussions and More

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    Good job Marc! Congrats on you’re retake of WW2 narrative… AND admitting it! This takes a special courage to confront your own lifetime and beyond (generations) of a hardcore propaganda campaign and to repeat myself, admit this to the public.
    IMO the WW2 narrative is a fundamental lie used by the Khazers to gain this seemingly unshakable grip they have on the world. This needs to be exposed in order for the authentic healing required for mankind to move forward.
    Sometime (maybe always?) before we can learn the truth we need to expose the lies. Toss them out, process of elimination… Shovel off the BS and the truth will sprout up from the compost.

    I have to wonder why Putin is somewhat clinging to this idea or word phrase “nazification”. This term used accurately should be reflecting the National Socialist Party (NOT socialism as we have today) which is a beautiful thing. It’s not about any sort of domination at all. Hitler believed every nation should primarily take care of themselves, build themselves up and protect their own unique genetics. Only then can they step up and contribute to the well being of everyone and all nations. National Sovereignty is VERY important for all nations. Nazi ideology was NOT about imposing their ideology upon the world, but supporting each and every nations path. Help everyone be healthy and then we can all work together to grow.

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      It’s been an interesting journey, that’s for sure.

      I wonder why Putin is playing into the western narrative as well. It is difficult for people who have not awakened to what’s going on to see the reality of the world and to relate to it, maybe?

      I was saying in a private conversation with a friend that the truth is so unbelievable to us (even though it is right in front of our faces and we ignore it) that if you were told the 100% truth about something you would reject it. You would not believe it on it’s face. i mean, maybe YOU would, but most people would not. I don’t know what to make of that. Like, i don’t know how to fix that other than to…no i don’t know how to fix that.

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