Michelle Rempel is MAD – SNC Lavalin, JWR Says Need More Waived and More!

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Michelle Rempel on SNC

Bill C-74 – Changes to criminal code by finance committee

Bill C-75 – Criminal code has summary convictions added

Bill c-75 actual government bill 3rd reading

Current criminal code

Summary Offence / Conviction

Summary Convictions In Canada

JWR – Need More Waived

Partial waiver enough for Wilson-Raybould to tell truth in SNC affair: Trudeau

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    It’s about time that someone in the Conservative Party really show some backbone and fight back against Trudeau’s corruption. Michelle Rempel did a great job, and she should unblock you [USER=1]@CanadaPoli-Admin[/USER]!!!

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    BTW – you should have mentioned the reduced punishment for infantacide – what that is is exactly what they are doing in the states, decriminalizing post-birth abortions, and it is absolutely disgusting that they are.

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    Good report but I think some of the finer details were overlooked for Bill C-75 and Bill C-76. Firstly – A Summary Conviction can call for a jail term not to exceed 2-years-less-one-day. Secondly, the reduction of a number of “immigrant” type crimes have been reduced to Summary Conviction (2- years-less-one-day rather than Indictable (more than 2 year jail term) was included so persons found guilty will not be subject to deportation because I believe the law does not allow for the deportation of a person on the basis of a Summary Conviction….just sayin’…..

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    Thank you for putting that report together, it was informative and better than any MSM on this corruption. And Gord, you are on the right track, hate crime racist. KEK (lol). Censorship is about thought control/speech control and makes it much easier to hide crimes. “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.” – Socrates

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  8. CanadaPoli-Admin

    [QUOTE=”TheGoliard, post: 7632, member: 65″]post-birth abortions[/QUOTE]

    That’s new-speak I didn’t think would be adopted so quickly. Isn’t that called murder??:)

    Incredible we are so cowed that killing babies is a meh response. Killing puppies? Terrible. What a world.

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