No Intention to Apologize? Nope! BC Money Laundering

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BC Money Laundering

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    I hope this investigation into BC’s dirty money problem actually does some good. I do not expect it to, but I would be thrilled to be wrong about that. They need to make it look like they are doing something, but I don’t believe they actually want it to stop. Main & Hastings did not happen because they were incapable of preventing it from happening, it happened, and is still happening because someone with an incredible amount of power and influence arranged for it to be allowed to happen. BC is rife with corruption from the very top to the very bottom, and everywhere in between. Maybe all the provinces are. Maybe I have been wearing rose-tinted glasses my whole life, and this is actually how the whole world works. But for myself, I am ashamed of both the current federal administration, and the BC government, and 99% all of the decisions they both have ever made. They do not care about the people, only about thoroughly exploiting the people.

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