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Non Binding Global Compact can become Customary International Law and inform Canadian Law – 8 Days

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8 Days Left

Question Period – December 3

19:55 – Question about Illegal Immigrants and Global Compact on Migration

Michelle Rempel – Global Compact

3:37 – What has CPC been doing
No debate, no plan shared by government
4:08 – Parliamentary secretary for immigration, he said that it’s non binding – won’t affect Canadian sovereignty but decisions that states make must also be in accordance with international legal obligations.

4:48 – In this, JT’s government admits non binding agreements can become customary international law and inform the interpretation of domestic law. Canadian judges can site this in decisions.

5:00 min

6:55 – Not sure he know what I was talking about

Baker vs Canada

Immigration system broken – Hussen
Canada’s backlogged asylum system is ‘not sustainable,’ immigration minister says in leaked letter