Ontario Healthcare Sunshine List and Manitoba Judge Causes More Trouble for Trudeau

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Ontario Healthcare Costs


Judge Joyal Leak



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    Its glorious…..now we need to ban islam …assimilate those who were former muslims and deport those who want to remain muslims to kne of their 57 muslim crapholes that their society created

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 9608, member: 1″][URL=’https://canadapoli.com/ontario-healthcare-sunshine-list-and-manitoba-judge-causes-more-trouble-for-trudeau/’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]

    In 2010, 42% of Ontario’s expenditures were for OHIP. Ontario is on track to spend 80% by 2030. Health care if finished like in the UK where the NHS is being crushed by cradle to grave muslim inbreeding birth defects due to keeping the dowry in the family.

    I just had/have and ongoing a medical issue. I got the x-ray the same day at a walk in. The ultra sound is booked for the end of April that derived from my dr visit over a month ago. Months for a ultra sound? Women could get one the same day, but I’m unable to work right now.

    So I instead took it upon myself (without insurance) to go to a chiropractor. Funny too as she was telling me that the Chinese protested the licensing of acupuncture. Sorta like cultural appropriation.

    So the Chinese now have their own licensing that adds $5000 to the cost of the license. My chiropractor had the practical training, but does not have the $5000 license that essentially is the “cultural” aspects of chiropractic procedures.

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