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Part and Parcel of Living In A Western Country

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Ken Foster

And that’s it folks.
Case closed !
No reason to continue this investigation, we have our man
Kane Kosolowsky is the only person involved with this crime!
Nope one else was involved, no Muslim, just going to be another FU WHITE GUY!

But so many questions still have not been an answered, and now we have more questions

So let’s break down the latest news out of Edmonton, as posted on at 5:30 pm today

Strathcona County RCMP were called to the building at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, after a fire was reported.

Investigators later found an explosion had taken place in the parkade. A suspect male was found in a vehicle and was taken to hospital where he died. Police said the injuries were not related to encounters with police.
RCMP did not initially release the identity of the deceased, only his age. On Thursday, RCMP told The Canadian Press the dead man was not connected to any group or ideology – but his motive remained unclear.

Less than two hours after police first arrived, a second explosion happened while officers were nearby. No one was injured.

Let’s start here

Ok so if this person was already dead, who set off this second explosive
And what set it off?
As we all know, you need a a high impact hit on this Tannerite, so who/what set off the second bomb
I checked out this person Facebook page, but there is nothing there. Nothing to show any reason why he did this, let alone why!
It looks like anyone’s FB PAGE, there is not one thing that anyone’s else would not have posted on there own page
You would think that if this person was as radical as to planet bombs to harm Canadians, there would be some sort of indicators as to his radical or ideology agenda, but nothing at all.
That in it’s self seems really strange, me thinks we have a SCAPEGOAT!

But this is not the strangest part of all, check this out!,

On Thursday, RCMP said an autopsy had been conducted and confirmed Kosolowsky, who police had said was found injured following the first explosion in the Sherwood Park parkade, had died as a result of a “GUNSHOT WOUND ”

Well the police are say this
Police said the injuries were not related to encounters with police.

Ok I seem to have a problem here on this whole ordeal when it comes to this person, and how he died

I just can’t seem to wrap my head around this, I have tried to look at it from different angles, but it always comes to
If the police didn’t shoot him, who did.
It’s not a suicide, or they would have stated as such
Nothing stated he took his own life, just that he died from a GUNSHOT WOUND!

(Update 6:00 ctv news Calgary are saying he took his own life, and the story now gets a new twist! And me with no popcorn)

Yet this is not was reported earlier, from Edmonton
He was sitting in a vehicle when they found him, ok who’s vehicle was he in
Wheres the gun that shot him, what caliber, no gun was found, or it would have been mentioned
And again who set off the second explosion?

Here’s my theory on what happened to this person. All I can do is assume this is the way it went down
But it does all seem to match what they are reporting, or not reporting

1) persons unknown were setting up the bombs in the parkade, and unfortunately Kane Kosolowsky at that time was heading to his vehicle and had possibly seen what they were doing, or seen these people

2) they shoot Kane Kosolowsky, while he gets into his car

3) set off first bomb, hopefully it has enough force to do damage, and hide the crime committed with Kane Kosolowsky

4) not enough force from explosion to do the damage they wanted

5) 2 hrs later set off second explosive!

This is a cover up, why would this kid kill himself, it makes no sense at all
If this was suppose to be some sort of radical reason he had, he was free and clear
And would be planning his next attack, knowing that he needs to make the explosive more dangerous

Where did he get the Tannerite from?
So many question still unanswered