Randy Boissonnault Really Really Thinks It’s Time To Move On…

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March 19 – Time To Move On

March 30 – Really Time to move on….

You really didn’t brief the PM on that conversation? Then a few weeks later she’s fired from her job?

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 9738, member: 1″][URL=’https://canadapoli.com/randy-boissonnault-really-really-thinks-its-time-to-move-on/’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]
    [B][SIZE=7]BULL SHIT .[/SIZE][/B]

    [SIZE=4]Wernick is just tying to create a firewall by saying Justin was not briefed. Jody reiterated her position to all the usual suspects including Justine and including Wernick. Wernick called Justin ASAP informing him that Jody’s position on the DPA remains unchanged. Getting Lavalin that DPA was not just votes, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that Lavalin has proof of Justin with a dead girl or a live boy.
    (You dont think a lot of rollers didnt see that as Justin was young and foolish that “just maybe” he could be someone someday? Someone has a flip phone vid of that boy getting ass fucked by some muslims having bacha bazi. Look how many pedos Justin’s been linked to?) [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=4]I would give my eye fucking teeth if Jody has “another recording” of Justin confessing that “Yes, he discussed the prior conversation with Wernick” IN JUSTIN’S OWN RECORDED VOICE. What the fack does it take for the RCMP to say enough is enough? [/SIZE]

    Back your shit up boys. The most innocuous conversations might be the ones that vindicate. Ask Jody.
    Oh, and your best defense is to upload to Youtube under “private’ so that its timestamped and any accusation of editing is out the window.
    Its like the vault in the US that you can send a doc and they will keep it forever for $10 bucks. This way you can order it released to the court for things like a patent dispute. (Never try to patent anything. Its a shyte show and will be stolen).

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    As I said in another post, Randy Boissonnault is the second biggest piece of shit in this country. That’s quite an accomplishment given how many liberal politicians there are in Canada.
    Take a look.


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    He might as well say “I am the Bank for International Settlements” His profile essentially matches their mandate.

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    It doesn’t matter in the long run. JWR and Iacobucci (SNC’s council) are going to pay them off after she, as interim PM, gets the libtards re-elected. Oh but wait. What if CPC gets elected? Oh right, Iacobucci was appointed an Honorary Witness by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada in April, 2014. Anything to get SNC that pipeline. And CPC gets to play the “we did it card”. “We got the pipeline opened”. Iacobucci entered the arena under Mulroney in 1985 oddly right after Mulroney pushed through the [I][B]Federal Accountability Act[/B][/I]. He appears to be tied into everything that is going on with the indigenous file among other things that happened in Ontario during the libtard reign.

    Just look at Iacobucci’s CV from [URL]https://www.torys.com[/URL]
    In 1985, Frank was appointed Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General for Canada; in 1988, Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Canada; and in 1991, a Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

    During his career, Frank was also a Commissioner of the Ontario Securities Commission from 1982 to 1985, and Counsel to the Estey Commission in 1974.

    In June 2005, Frank was appointed by the Government of Canada as its representative to lead discussions toward a fair and lasting resolution of the legacy of Indian residential schools. In November 2006, Frank was appointed by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General as a member of the Board of Governors of the Law Commission of Ontario. He is past Chairman of the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. In December 2006, he was appointed Commissioner to lead an inquiry into the conduct of Canadian officials regarding certain individuals. He also was appointed by the Government of Ontario to lead discussions that resulted in a Framework Agreement between Grassy Narrows First Nation and the Ministry of Natural Resources. In 2011, he was appointed by the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario as an Independent Reviewer to provide a report on the process for including individuals living in First Nations reserve communities on the province’s jury roles. He is representing the Province of Ontario in its negotiations with the Chiefs of the Matawa Council on the Ring of Fire and in 2014 submitted his report following an independent review of various matters for Chief Blair of the Toronto Police Service relating to police encounters with mentally or emotionally disturbed persons. He has also conducted numerous arbitrations and mediations.

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    [QUOTE=”Broken Politics, post: 9746, member: 430″]As I said in another post, Randy Boissonnault is the second biggest piece of shit in this country. That’s quite an accomplishment given how many liberal politicians there are in Canada.
    Take a look.



    He is one of five openly [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT’]LGBT[/URL] MPs serving in the [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/42nd_Canadian_Parliament’]42nd Canadian Parliament[/URL], alongside [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rob_Oliphant’]Rob Oliphant[/URL], [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seamus_O%27Regan’]Seamus O’Regan[/URL], [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randall_Garrison’]Randall Garrison[/URL] and [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheri_Benson’]Sheri Benson[/URL].[URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Boissonnault#cite_note-2′][2][/URL] He is also the first [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coming_out’]openly[/URL] [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay’]gay[/URL] MP elected in Alberta.[URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Boissonnault#cite_note-3′][3][/URL]

    After graduating from the [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Alberta’]University of Alberta[/URL], Boissonault studied at the [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Oxford’][U]University of Oxford[/U][/URL][U] as a[/U][B][U] [URL=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodes_Scholar’][SIZE=5]Rhodes Scholar[/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=5].[/SIZE] [/U][/B]

    another POS from Rhodes

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    Trudeau missed his quota by not appointing a transgender to his caucus. There might be an opening come Wednesday……

    Seamus is another waste of skin like Freeland. Not because he is gay but, because he is totally useless.

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