Should Multi-National NGO’s Be Able to “Fill In The Gaps” for Spaces into Canada?

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Peter Thiel in 1996 –

Worth the watch!

2:28 – West is uniquely bad, because it is racist sexist and oppressive in a variety of ways, not only does it have all these problems, but these problems are worse than in other societies

4:45 – looking for racism everywhere, you’ll find racism everywhere

5:00 – a culture of complaint leads to a culture of blame

5:04 – Multiculturalism and political correctness thought of as different sides of the same coin.
Multiculturalism == find the victims and
political correctness == go after the victimizers.

Most multicultural are also most politically correct

5:30 – scorched earth against our society.

Kailee Brennan
The group leader was a canadian citizen. The other members of the group are former refugees who were sponsored. They hold permanent resident status. Arrived 2015 and 2016.

They were sponsored through church sponsorships.

Ahmed (leader of group) has been in brockville since 1990s.



Blended visa

Canada had spots open, what foundation did help sponsor group raise their portion.

The fund (Giesta and Shapiro) provided what was needed for the gap between what they had and what was needed.

Support for Family of 4 – $18,000

CBC Refugees Bringing in Syrians

Refugee Hub Program to bring Refugees In

Sponsorship Resources

Canada Private Sponsorship of Refugee Program

Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

Who can sponsor?

Refugee Hub Reports on Family of 8

News Release: Hundreds of refugees to settle in Canada by year’s end after receipt of $3.5 million in donations ensures community sponsorship spaces are filled

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