The Humanitarian Crisis is Here, In Canada. Right Now

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    Good mini report Marc, your demeanor was noticeably somber which imo lends to credibility. Thank you. A few quick smiles was enough to keep things light, well done. You had a few laughs and giggles near the 30 minute point referring to your chocolate cereal thing but that was to be expected!

    Since you mentioned Trump as maybe still the president, which we should all consider, I have for you a recent interview of Mike King. I have followed him for over ten yrs and his knowledge and research of history is outstanding. He speaks of the Q thing and Trump as being the CIC of a military operation. Very compelling. Please take the time to check this out.

    On this same subject there is US vet Derek Johnson who has been illustration the ongoing legislation proving a military operation all falling under Trump’s EOs.
    Here is his Rumble channel. There’s a lot here, take your pic.

    Derek also has an active FB group where he daily shows flight tracking records of military persuasion all acting under orders… not from Biden.

    If this FB lin k doesn’t work you can find his group as RattleTrap 1776 Nation. Please copy the name accurately as there are copy cat rattletrap groups.

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