The UN is a USELESS JOKE – Maxime Bernier Tweet Roundup! December 28th 2018

CanadaPoli Maxime Bernier, People's Party of Canada, PPC 10 Comments

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    [QUOTE=”JettieG, post: 101, member: 22″]Great stuff. Only thing I don’t like about Max’s tweets is that they are in the 3rd person, not first, “I”.[/QUOTE]

    He was quoting exact quotes from article.

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    CanadaPoli. Heres an idea for a vid (just one of many)
    Justin assured that the metal sanctions would remain, the reason for Meng getting arrested and many Canadians in China arrested.
    One week before Meng was arrested Justin angered Trump at the USMCA ceremonial signing. (that had the LGBTQ rights and gender pronouns erased that Justin/Freeland gave something up for?) by calling Trump “the Donald” knowing that Trump detest that.
    So however many millions for the metal subsidies, row with China and jailed Meng/Canadians over Justin’s inability to be diplomatic. This vid gets interesting at the 2 minute mark.
    Im “Tocarules” commenting on your Youtube vids. You were talking about a moderator.
    Heres Justin stating he wont toss the LGBTQ/Gender pronouns under the bus publically.
    Heres a link to the LGBTQ/gender prounouns all but erased from the UCMCA.

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 76, member: 1″][URL=’’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]
    Oops. Just new and did not see the reply button. Just sent you a story idea about how Justin created the China issue and the metal subsidies will continue.

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    [QUOTE=”JettieG, post: 101, member: 22″]Great stuff. Only thing I don’t like about Max’s tweets is that they are in the 3rd person, not first, “I”.[/QUOTE]
    I joins the PPC this year and I have never belonged to any political group. I agree with you. Max’s tweets and emails just don’t sound like the guy you see in real. I suspect 3rd party spin doctors. That doesn’t make me feel all fuzzy and warm inside [ATTACH=full]3[/ATTACH]

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    You could easily make the observation that the UN is working just fine … seems to be nudging/dragging the โ€˜collectiveโ€™ world in the desired direction

    Iโ€™m sure itโ€™ll be there to deliver the โ€˜Order out of Chaosโ€™ that the plebs will be begging for

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    [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 174, member: 5″]He has a team to write tweets so not all are him directly.[/QUOTE]
    I think that is wrong to proxy tweets.

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    [QUOTE=”AV8TOR, post: 173, member: 33″]I joins the PPC this year [/QUOTE]
    Ditto. First for me, too, and I even donated from almost my nothing left piggybank. I’m waiting for my “certificate” and I read an EDA is set up in my riding, but I guess that’s all secret.
    Love yer Av, Av8tor. Glad you’re here.

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