The Wernick Tape

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Saturday night massacre

Audio Clip

3:20 – PM Wants to know why DPA isn’t being utilized entierly inappropriate and political interference. What i am trying to do is to protect him. 4:00

4:30 – treading on dangerous ground here. I can’t act in a manner that isn’t objective

She answers that question directly

5:00 – uncomfortable having this conversation but happy to talk to you.

5:30 – statutes have these provisions in it
But i would have to gazette this
6:05 – jobs and wanting to save jobs. No way that anyone would interpret it
Til 7:08 – this looks like the PM is pressuring me

8:00 – section 13 – she explains in it why she’s not doing it in this case

Til 8:23 – referencing September conversation (that snc was made aware that dpa was not being pursued)

9:00 – uncomfortable having this conversation

9:35 – i don’t believe it’s appropriate to use it in this case.

9:50 – very firm mood about this. – first threat

10:05 – breaching constitutional principle of prosecutor independence. On norman on extradition and rule of law

10:30 – what we should and shouldn’t do.

10:44 – respect where you’re coming from

I don’t think you do, no one does. Disrespectful, entirely inappropriate

11:20 – you’re minister of justice in cabinet. I’m not seeing anything inappropriate here

11:46 – still have things you can do that are lawful….

12:10 – lots of other countries

12:30 – dpp gets discretion from prosecutor, no guarantee

13:20 – referencing letter strategy which jwr recommended

14:00 – firm frame of mind – bit worried second threat
Worried about what?
not good for ag and pm to be at loggerheads

Trying to protect PM from political interference

14:40 – he doesn’t have the power to do what he wants all the tools are in your hands…so…
“Thoughts of the saturday night massacre here, michael. I don’t like being in this place”

15:17 – worried about a collision then, he’s pretty firm about this and this is really important to him and okay. Um. Not much more we can cover now then. I understand where you’re coming from.

16:58 – waiting for other shoe to drop. I understand your threat.

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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 9702, member: 1″][URL=’’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]
    Justin and Wernick is being taken down by Jody speaking in a grade 4 SJW voice. Listen to Jody, she speaking in that classic “Valley girl” accent where the last word of every sentence has that “up” sound.

    Is that how all the Liberals speak to each other, in a Valley Girl accent? Roflmao.
    Our country is being run by idiots so indoctrinated that they even use their official SJW accent? (the loud bang followed by the deafening sound of silence is just me killing myself).

    Short of some Valley girl being appointed to the hybrid Justice Minister/Attorney General that no other country does, even the Brits know this is a no no, it must be double, er triple hard for Justin to fathom that not only is he being taken down by a Valley girl, but his gender 50%/reconciliation feminazi stance TURNED ON HIM. Sooo, hows that 2015 working out for ya?

    PS. I hate hate hate chicks that talk like Jody just done. That accent is the mark of the SJW beast. Then add that to C.Barbies lisp? Top that off with Freeland’s grade 4 condescending, “you dont understand plebe” accent?
    We really do have a pack of idiots at the helm including Jody even if she did rat them all out.

    This is our gov now and for once I agree with Madcow.

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    [QUOTE=”deplorable won, post: 9705, member: 83″]Is that how all the Liberals speak to each other, in a Valley Girl accent? Roflmao.[/QUOTE]
    “Well gage me with a chainsaw” (A Canadian Vally Girl).


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    [QUOTE=”AV8TOR, post: 9721, member: 33″]”Well gage me with a chainsaw”[/QUOTE]
    [B][SIZE=7]ROFLMAO. [/SIZE][/B]

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