Trudeau’s Twitter Picture, May’s Climate Crisis == Rain? And Scheer invoking 92.10

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Trudeau’s New Twitter Picture

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Trudeau’s Twitter Feed

Elizabeth May’s Rain Tweet

Bernier’s Crisis Tweet

Platform Promise

Scheer’s 92.10 declaration

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    [QUOTE=”Broken Politics, post: 17782, member: 430″]Keep lil pededo shithead away from those kids.[/QUOTE]
    Jessica Ng (@JessicaNgCTV) Tweeted: Trudeau discusses pumpkin picking tips with kids after meeting them – and their dogs. @CTVAtlantic #cdnpoli [URL][/URL] [MEDIA=twitter]1174374924020047872[/MEDIA]

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    [QUOTE=”AV8TOR, post: 17806, member: 33″]Do punkin farms contribute to climate change?[/QUOTE]
    Yes. The amount of c02 released in order to plant and harvest the pumpkin definitely contributes to climate change. We can ignore the fact that it’s used as a west/white people holiday tho. Totally not about destroying that culture.

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    [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 17803, member: 5″][URL][/URL][/QUOTE]
    Ha ha! I saw about the Anti-Trudeau truck too. Yeah, we’re not supposed to have cows now but pumpkin patches are okay. Trudeau’s hair looks great; better than ever….

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    ‘Forward’ is a communist slogan, look it up. Obama, Hillary and Canada’s Prime Mistake all used it. And the antifa that works for them are all a bunch of fucking Commies. We are literally being overrun with an infestation of communism and socialism with are very similar in reality, after application.
    I filmed the antifa protest outisde of the PPC rally in Vancouver Sept 25 2019


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