Twitter Roundup – Climate Emergency Edition

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Twitter Roundup

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    Give the government all your money or else the planet will burn up. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. CanadaPoli-Admin

    [QUOTE=”BblastedD, post: 12835, member: 7″]I am working on my town weather data. how do i import the data to make it look like a graph?[/QUOTE]

    I used a second sheet and used =(cell on the other sheet that holds the average for that year)

    That will pull the cell from your data sheet to your graph sheet. Once your graph sheet has all the average data plotted hit the explore tab on the bottom right.

    If there is interest I’ll do an instructional video and post it.

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    It was a good graph you had [USER=1]@CanadaPoli-Admin[/USER] though climate cycles are much longer than a few decades. There are also cycles within cycles. I’m not an expert though and much of the data from more than a few decades ago isn’t really as accurate. In the middle ages there was the solar minimum which is expected to come around again in the 2030’s. Right around the same time that several very smart people have predicted the end of a few things like the US and probably Canada.

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