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    People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier speaks with reporters at his campaign office in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec. He faces questions on a number of topics including the previous evening’s official English-language federal leaders’ debate. (no interpretation)


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    I like the policies he mentions in the first video, though you posted another French one so I have to really pay attention. He’s actually talking about real environmental things like the lacks and the rivers, not this bs with climate change. There were some words that I didn’t catch, hard to say how much was the Quebec accent, France French is easier to listen to I find.

    And for the second one, now I know where “Mad Max” comes from. I didn’t really pay attention to politics back then. I really only started paying attention in 2015, though I had a few views beforehand but most were unformed, except for a couple.

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    [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 19597, member: 5″]From 2009.

    And remember the PPC inflation policy is 0%.[/QUOTE]

    Probably his best aspects are financial.

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