Vice Admiral Mark Norman – What? Part 1

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I go over the primer to watch my second video. This explains

– Who Mark Norman Is
– What Davie Shipyard is
– The political maneuvering around the election regarding Project resolve

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  1. CanadaPoli-Admin

    [I]Trying to find the video I will post it later. He says “Norman will see the inside of a courtroom” or something to that effect. Very angry.
    ** looks like it’s gone and been scrubbed. I know what I saw, he was walking past the reporters and up the steps in parliament when he said it, and short and snappy. Can’t prove it without the video tho. [/I]

    I’m looking to find the video of trudeau saying that he was 100% responsible for what any of the illegals do. I know i saw him say it on the news and it was before i started this, so I didn’t back it up! But, now i can’t find it. Frustrating.
    I’ll check those books out!

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