Yet More StatsCan Problems and Let’s Increase our Immigration Rates? Yes! Says Hussen!

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Privacy Office – Working with government on credit card information collection. In the quarterly report. Helpling them with meeting their privacy obligations.
Credit report falls under – PIPEDA

Bank collection – Commenced investigation on October 31. Have to do digging
Disclosure / collection regarding Bank falls under PIPEDA

Can statscan order this?
Statscan makes request under privacy act, but bank has to comply with PIPEDA. Statscan is not worried about PIPEDA when they make the request

When bank gets request from government institution, they need the

Bank uses – Section 7(3)(i) to disclose the information- PIPEDA – exceptions for personal information to be disclosed without knowledge or consent – as required by law. Statscan acting under statutory powers that allows them to circumvent

Privacy act says Section 4 — No personal information will be shared… (outdated information).

Why no investigation on the transunion credit card info.