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CAMERON: Canada has embraced medical authoritarianism










Trick or treat: Sask. gov’t issues guidelines for Halloween



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    I did some calculations based on the actual Ontario data this morning. This does not take into consideration the BS of the tests or the cause of death BS.

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    [URL=’http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/publichealth/coronavirus/docs/2019_case_definition.pdf’]Check out how to most effectively create BS stats. [/URL] (click link)

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    So when the NDP took over after Albertans voted out the corrupt conservative party, one of the things they went to work on was the ABC (Agencies, Boards and Comissions). Patronage positions and slush funds. Not sure who did more of it, but now the government seems to put a lot of reliance on NGO’s to do government work (loss of tax revenue through tax breaks, funding grants from governments and little oversight). Not sure which is worse. Now the NDPers are whining about Jason Kenny’s war room and the lack of transparency. All of these things are a problem, I’m not sure how to judge which is worse. We keep finding ourselves at the same problem, lack of accountability and oversight.

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    [QUOTE=”AB effort, post: 43468, member: 741″]We keep finding ourselves at the same problem, lack of accountability and oversight.[/QUOTE]
    That’s because they are all playing for the same team. Guess what, it’s not your team.

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    [QUOTE=”Broken Politics, post: 43470, member: 430″]That’s because they are all playing for the same team. Guess what, it’s not your team.[/QUOTE]
    Did you listen to the interview Joe Rogan did with Edward Snowden? They talk about accountability and possible ways to achieve that. Accountability is a struggle in any system. There are a lot of questions asked that we need to carefully consider. I think its something we need to discuss with an eye towards solutions, not just focussing on “of course they are all corrupt”. I don’t have a lot of answers but I think that is something the PPC thinkers need to put their heads together to propose specific improvements.

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    How about this.
    Our Individual Rights and Obligations (responsibilities)
    Every individual human has the right to:
    [*]survive independently;
    [*]pursue opportunities; and,
    [*]forfeit their rights.
    Individual Human Obligations
    Every individual human, in order to survive is obligated to:
    [*]utilize their individual attributes and capacity;
    [*]utilize their opportunities;
    [*]pursue competence;
    [*]contribute to reducing the burden of survival of others; and,
    [*]avoid impinging on another individual’s rights.

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