746 – Black Lake Forced Vax, Supply Chain Issues, China Sabre Rattling, Vax Stats and Passports

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  1. Don’t believe in dinosaurs? Is the theory that god put them there to test your faith or something? Do you believe that there were large animals millions of years ago that we call dinosaurs that may have been reassembled incorrectly or that those massive bones are just a centuries old hoax? Honest question, where are you in terms of flat earth vs globe?

    1. Post

      Great questions! I think the world is much more strange than we can imagine. I wouldn’t say that I don’t believe in dinosaurs. I don’t believe in the story we’ve been told about them. The conflicting stories lead me to believe there is either more to it than we understand as a species (totally plausible) and this represents our best guess. But if it’s anything like covid and any science that isn’t 100% in line with the approved story gets thrown out and buried, then i think there are a lot of things we are probably getting wrong that are in the “for SURE right” category.

      Our history, as far as i’m concerned, is pretty much 100% altered in some way. I don’t want to say outright fabricated, but take the George Floyd thing, or Black lives matter, or the antifa riots? If you asked someone who experienced that first hand what it was like and compare it to the account 50 years later in history books you find out that the history book was written by someone who was a child learning about it in our schools. The first hand account is thrown out for the accepted narrative. Will they know the truth about that incident? Do we really know the truth about what happened in world war 1 or 2? Viet Nam? Iraq in the 90’s or 00’s? Is the truth even really knowable?

      So, i’m skeptical. Did a t-rex roam the plains of Alberta 100 billion years ago giving rise to oil reserves now? I’m not qualified to answer that question. That’s what we’re told. Who am i to argue. I’m just skeptical that it happened exactly like they say.

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