An In Depth Look At Scheer and O’Leary at Ryerson – November 26 2018

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O’leary introduces Scheer. Says it’s a matter of saving the country.

Kevin O'Leary and I are speaking with students from Ryerson University and answering their questions. Tune in: –Kevin O'Leary et moi parlons avec des étudiants de Ryerson University et répondons à leurs questions. Regardez:

Posted by Andrew Scheer on Monday, November 26, 2018

Trump 8min for free trade

3:57 – Scheer starts talking

5:00 – 9 months to respond to Trump’s policy changes
What are you doing to make sure people are choosing canada – we’ll assess – it took 9 months
He doesn’t relate it to the regular person though. Kind of missed on this hit.
6:20 – O’Leary :
Morneau worked in actuarial accountant who works in the insurance industry. Doesn’t understand complexibility.
No tax until you make your money – this is the policy in the US.
Great prime ministers fight for their country
Morneau is a disaster
This guy has to go
Wouldn’t hire him for any of my companies
O’Leary is more fierce than Scheer. He saw it and reacts 7:30-7:40

7:50 – Positive conservative vision – free market lifts people out of poverty

9:00 – what are you concerned about?

10 min – free speech. He supports it on college campuses


10:52 – Freedom of expression at Ryerson – What would you do to inform policy?
Federal grants would be prioritized for campuses that allow free speech
Can’t allow to have subjective criteria to shut down speech at universities

13:30 – Their free speech mandate kind of sucked
They have to make a choice.
Universities were founded to challenge established orthodoxy
Through the debate
If we have a system where small groups of people shutting down events we will lose

15:58 – Where do you fall subsidising businesses / supporting business / corporate welfare
O’Leary – we need to make sure we’re competitive
Need to have competitive policies
Governments are terrible investors
What happened? Government invested and we lost – our tax dollars went

18:58 – Scheer quotes Ragan –
Look at the regulations that are killing it and the taxes that are suffocating it
Corporate welfare isn’t the solution
To think government can make better choices than the market is insane – example of cell phone market evolution
Doesn’t come from people working in Ottawa – it comes from a climate where that’s allowed to happen
Give everyone the best possible chance to succeed

21:19 – Free speech – student unions – what to do?
Up to the universities
Student movements should be outraged about the crackdown on free speech
Those that oppose free speech do a disservice to those they represent
23:22 – Giving away to other too freely. We should be burning Canadian oil rather than Saudi oil. Less immigration, more population. Would love to have more. Will you help young people to have families and children and to populate Canada with Canadians
Scheer – energy – we fill our tanks with mostly foreign oil
Liberals cancelled energy east – ensuring that we continue buying Saudi oil
Need a government with a vision to energy independence (he doesn’t drive it home here with ‘WE ARE THAT GOVERNMENT’ missed opportunity)
Family – he says he has 5 kids
Really tough to take a year off, and expensive. And we have a government that could make it easier, but they aren’t
O’leary weighs in as well
Canada’s economy use to grow at 3% a year. Not for a while
We don’t put any money in Canada, we can’t do anything there. Your own government bought a pipeline and can’t build it.
In my world you fire people who do that
28:16 Scheer steps in again to talk about family and immigration
Family size and immigration goes hand in hand
Those people come here they need a more affordable life to
Don’t have to pit one against the other
Make sure our immigration system has integrity behind it
Situation where people are jumping the line.
Undermining confidence of immigration system to immigrants as well
CPC has long history of doing immigration the right way
Do that while making life more affordable to everyone
Confidence in immigration
Should be informing our conversation – what’s happening in Europe

30:00 – Carbon Tax
Scheer – Carbon tax is showing up on balance sheet
Adding a cost (like carbon tax) needs to be baked into it
Gm shifting focus on production
They’ll keep making cars
Not going to do it in Oshawa –
Speaks to taxation, regulation, untold costs
Hydro cost going up 100%
Has real impact
Same architects of Ontario’s disastrous economy are now in Ottawa

Calls carbon tax a cash grab
A cash grab that’s killing jobs
So much uncertainty –
Weak leadership must be fired

O’Leary really wants the take away to be ‘fire the liberals’

35:40 – Who do you look up to, who influenced you etc?

Conservatives do better when we have a vision
It’s not about railing against the disasters of the day
Margaret Thatcher – the changes she made that worked so well that the other parties wouldn’t dare repeal it
Mulroney brought in free trade…other parties have to pretend they’re for free trade (no they don’t – and they don’t )
Brad Wall – Turned Sask Around
Inspired by Switzerland
Canada is the richest country on earth
What are we missing? Leadership
We have to fire Trudeau and hire Scheer
Trudeau mandated diversity instead of competence

42:29 – US / CAD Relations how will you manage that relationship differently?
Scheer So important to Cad
Lists presidents starting before trump. Wtf?
Utmost importance to Canadians
A lot of challenges to dealing with trump
Not a free trade person (trump is not free trade)
Outlines Trudeau’s mishandling of NAFTA negotiations
Wasn’t negotiating from a position of strength
Maintain good relations
Drastic shift in policy
Problems of deficit and debt will give to people in this room

45:32 – What allied yourself with conservative values growing up

Scheer – Every time the government controls the population or the market (communism) it’s been a disaster
O’Leary – fire that guy hire this guy
50 – Polls not looking so good – What do you think will happen about split vote? What’s the plan and what’s the backup plan?
How will you put yourself in a position to win this election?
Scheer – A lot lining up against us
It’s not easy to become PM
I see us winning – looking at polls aren’t a good indicator
We have destroyed the Liberals
Held them to account in the house of commons
We are beating him at the ballot box (by- election)
We’ll keep putting out policies
I won
No one knew who Harper was and he has a long successful tenure
I say the odds are 50/50 get a minority. If they do better than 17 seats in Quebec CPC == Majority
Alberta is the honey cash cow of Canada? Really O’leary?

55:00 Spending and Deficits what does it mean to the kids at Ryerson?
Spending your tomorrow on their today
One group that should be outraged by these deficits are students
No plan for returning to balance
Debt service / interest payments will kill our economy
Raises the cost of borrowing
Makes it so when there is a downturn the government doesn’t have flexibility
Higher taxes
Outrageous spending
Spending going to other countries – Asian infrastructure

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