An In Depth Look At Scheer and O’Leary at Ryerson – November 26 2018


Supporting Links O’leary introduces Scheer. Says it’s a matter of saving the country. Trump 8min for free trade 3:57 – Scheer starts talking 5:00 – 9 months to respond to Trump’s policy changes What are you doing to make sure people are choosing canada – we’ll assess – it took 9 months He doesn’t relate it to the regular …

Maxime Bernier Tweets ‘I’m Right’ (And he is), High Immigration levels and excellent Meme’s (maims?)

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Supporting Links Maxime Tweets 1/ For two years, I was the only politician in this country saying that Canada should put supply management on the negotiating table in order to reach a new free trade agreement with the US. Last night’s agreement proves that I was right. — Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) October 1, 2018 Bill Tufts Canada to admit nearly …

We Got A Deal! #USMCA. They’re Scared of Faith Goldy and Canceling Events & More!

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Supporting Links USMCA Deal Update Canadian Dollar Soars Loonie soars in wake of new North American trade deal Toronto Cancels Mayor Debate Toronto mayoral candidates’ forum on seniors’ issues cancelled New Brunswick 18 Month Coalition Quebec Goes to the polls Sun News Reporting on Radison I don’t know why i said y’all. Lol. Error happened.

NAFTA 24 Hours Left..Bilateral or Trilateral?? We’ll soon see!

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Supporting Links Trump Presser Financial Post No Meeting Requested New: Trudeau spokesperson suggests Trump was lying when he said he turned down a meeting with Trudeau. "No meeting was requested," Cameron Ahmad says. — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) September 26, 2018 Trudeau reaches out to Mexico Bloomberg on NAFTA U.S. and Canada are in a weekend dash …

Trudeau defends housing child killer at healing lodge, #NAFTA and Bernier talking sense!

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Supporting Links Trudeau Defending Tori Stafford’s Killer at Healing Lodge Trudeau Government Defends Spending Veterans money on Cop Killer Maxime Bernier on the floor of the house asking a reasonable question Yesterday, I asked the liberal wing of the LibCon Party if it was willing to sacrifice Canada’s auto industry and put at risk 20% of our economy …

#NAFTA Update – Deadline Looms, Trump Signing Other Deals All Over The Place

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Supporting Links   Global News   ToryWatch on Twitter – Lighthizer quote   Financial Post   Ford Travels to Washington   CBC – Congressional Deadline Looming   A bad nafta is better than no nafta   Should Canada give up on nafta? Yes.   Freeland’s Twitter   Trump and US make deal …