Should Multi-National NGO’s Be Able to “Fill In The Gaps” for Spaces into Canada?

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Supporting Links Peter Thiel in 1996 – Worth the watch! 2:28 – West is uniquely bad, because it is racist sexist and oppressive in a variety of ways, not only does it have all these problems, but these problems are worse than in other societies 4:45 – looking for racism everywhere, you’ll find racism everywhere 5:00 – a culture of …

Media Absent On Ashura Toronto – Justin Trudeau’s Personal Days – Thomas Sowell’s 3 Qustions

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  Supporting Links Ottawa Primate Toronto Sun: Self Flagellation has no place in Canada Ashura .ca Ashura Press Release Ashura Search results on CBC The Star on Ashura Only Article About Ashura Public Calendar My Website home Sowell’s 3 Questions Error happened.

Bernier No Longer Qualifies for Debate – No One is Shocked

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Supporting Links Goldy Tweet Bernier Qualifies Oops, no he doesn’t Error happened.

Housing is a Human Right – But What About Water?

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Supporting Links CBC – Housing a Human Right? Water a Human right? At The UN it is PBO First Nations Water and Waste Water Drinking Advisories Foreign Aid Canada’s Foreign Aid Sun – Trudeau, Why Did You Even Come To Calgary? No love for Trudeau Little love being shown for Trudeau today — Cory …

Economic Update – Alberta Price Gab But Liberals Buy Media (Literally) – Weird Choice, Eh?

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Supporting Links :20 – Michelle laying out the stakes End 2:04 CPAC Interview Michelle Rempel on Free Speech and Media Being Bought Huffpost CTV – Ottawa on different economic planet Maxime Bernier Asks Trudeau Question in QP Watch my question to @JustinTrudeau in QP today about the UN’s Global Compact on Migrations. Regardez ma question à @JustinTrudeau …

Michelle Rempel Makes News on The Global Compact on Migration!

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Supporting Documents Israel on Global Compact on Migration PM Netanyahu: "Israel will not accede to, and will not sign, the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. We are committed to guarding our borders against illegal migrants. This is what we have done and this is what we will continue to do." — Prime Minister of Israel (@IsraeliPM) …

Doug Ford ‘Wont Move Forward’ with Motion from Floor – Judges Going Easy on Non-Citizens + More!

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Supporting Links Ford on Gender Identity Judges Going Easy On Non Citizens for major crimes in Canada Edmonton Pool Sex Assault – Acquitted Windsor Sex Assault At Community Pool French Services Ontario % of Ontario French Speakers French Language University Israel Out on UN Compact on Migration REPORT: Israel To Reject UN Global …

Ontario PC Convention 2018 – Sex Ed + RCMP Investigating Govmt Terror Funding + More Bill C -76

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Supporting Links Lawton Tweets about Sex Ed PC convention delegates just passed policy that party “respects the inherent authority of parents as the primary educators of children.” Huge applause for @TGranicAllen, who spoke in favour of the motion. — Andrew Lawton (@AndrewLawton) November 17, 2018 Dr. Soh on Gender Fluidity Open RCMP Govmt Funded Terror Quiggin Tweet My …