325 – It’s About Destroying the Culture

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Nessun Dorma – Trump

Sum of all fears



Blue line or black line?

Biggest problem facing Toronto?

Dundas Sq stabbing




Openly attacking police

Restrictions extended

Flights landing with covid

Deputy PM interviews Soros

Sharpest Turn Left

Economy Decimated

Stop liberals destroying evidence


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    [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 42300, member: 1″][url=https://canadapoli.com/325-its-about-destroying-the-culture/]Continue reading…[/url][/QUOTE]
    No, you are not hateful, Mark. Ha ha….
    Does anyone know what Danforth St will be called now, if Tory thinks the name has a bad name and should be changed. I see now it has to do with the Dundas guy being a ‘racist’. Some people commented it should be an aboriginal name. Is all – of Canada destined to be all indigenous and East Indian names throughout? There are enough indigenous names…Canada, Ottawa, Toronto, etc etc. They’d better not use a French name either.. in my city names of the English are changed to French names often now. I am sick of the hateful left and hateful French.
    I am glad I brought my son last year to Toronto twice to see it before it is completely a shambles altogether. My husband loved Toronto too, as he lived there before we met. He had a hard time and became homeless and still thinks fondly of Toronto. I don’t think my mother was so paranoid and out-of-touch after all for saying a year ago that maybe it’s too dangerous to go to Toronto…
    And I heard the 3 Tenors sing Nessun Dorma in 1994 and think it is just a wonderful uplifting victory song. They sang it and soccer fans of the World Cup thought it was for them at the time. (I love Trump speeches and watch often)
    And Ahmed Hussen can ****off.

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    I second that, I do not think Mark is hateful
    As for the naming controversy. I hate it. I am glad my city is mostly a number grid. How much time is wasted picking out just the right name. Name it something that is not a person is my preference. Anything that is easy.

    If we are contemplating assigning native names. I would like something like “Born with a tooth” (I guess that name sets you up to be special [URL]https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/alberta-indigenous-warrior-and-activist-milton-born-with-a-tooth-dies/[/URL])
    or “Goodstriker” (Blackfoot name because he was good at nailing his enemies in the head with a club while riding on a horse), “Goodluck” “LaHache” (we could modernize that from “The ax” to Lechainsaw) We could even make one up using that descriptive formula like “Too dangerous to stand on” Street or “Wear your bullet proof vest “Street.

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