1457 Lies and Division Not Truth and Reconciliation

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Truth and Reconciliation is exactly the opposite. Lies and division day, Why is Pierre Poilievre peddling this lie? 1 billion dollar military cut isn’t a billion dollar military cut? Also there is no food in the mess hall for Canadian soldiers they can get macdonalds, All assets attack Danielle Smith, More than 600 girls 18 and under have had mastectomies, …

1455 Canada Is The “Heel” in International Diplomacy, A Terrorist Haven. Thanks Trudeau

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New speaker who is a quebec separatist, Scott Moe drops a notwithstanding clause on an activist judge, India is mad at Canada for it’s Khalistani ties in leadership, Covid vax was approved before the phase 3 clinical trial was done. When is it done? Dec 23, Elon musk reporting from the southern border, 44 – 53:40 struggle session 81Error happened.

1423 Deathcare in Canada,

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More chinese interference at the municipal level this time. A different city in BC, Disney is having men dress up as princesses to meet kids. Holy eff. Go to Canada’s wonderland. C18 is even worse (or better?) than we think, Out of touch liberals eating lobster at their PEI vacation meeting, Deathcare in Canada – what are we paying for …

1419 Bad Climate Policies, Wildfires and Censorship: Trudeau Focuses on META

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The Ontario MPPs are touting their success while ignoring the problems that are obvious,building home won’t fix it Looking at capping the international students due to housing impact says minister, Trudeau mad at facebook for following the law, but hasn’t committed financial assistance for fire evacuees yet, Canadian governement wants boycott for facebook? Hilarious, Xbox has updated it’s gaming tos, …

1418 Our Lying, Pandering Government Waste Time While Canada Burns

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sorry guys, i accidently muted my mic for half the show. boourns. Pandering tour de force! Poilievre fouses on foreigners while Canada burns, Justin focuses on his failing career while Canada burns, Covid restrictions are back, watch for the flu to disappear Climate emergency is language designed to evoke a response. It’s not helpful. Laura lynn first hand accounts of …

1416 Fire Everywhere!

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Climate minister urged to resign from chinese think tank, What would an evacuation order in EVs look like? They have totally lost the plot on c-18 and censorship and they don’t care, China’s social credit covers everything, no verification no food, 42Error happened.