1588 Putin Reactions, Housing and More!

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It wasn’t the real manuscript of the putin interview! Putin calls out Canada, No bio labs, Putin/Carlson was interesting. Biden’s presser after was enlightening, Madagascar is going to castrate pedophiles, Housing in Canada is being noticed around the world, Thousands of people from Gaza have been greenlit, 2722Error happened.

1569 Nunavut Self Determination, F Trudeau at UFC and More

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Nunavut devolution agreement is biggest land transfer in Canadian history, Mark Carney being focus grouped? Twitter censorship on overdrive and big accounts are noticing, Arson and Climate change, Strickland’s UFC fight in Toronto gets rowdy 3411Error happened.

1551 De-Dollar and Destabilizing our Social Cohesion

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2024 starts with a bang and de-dollarization is happening faster, Plastics registry? Yes, Canada is that crazy, WEF on Vacation in Jamaica ? President of Harvard had to resign because she’s a plagiarist, Massive protest of farmers in Germany, Bernier interviewed by ezra, 91Error happened.