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    Little info on Elon’s baby carrier Grimes(degenerate).
    Mother is Sandy Garossino former crown prosecutor from Vancouver married to a Persian business man who owned a carpet retail store and all the taxi companies in Vancouver.
    Garossino became Amanda Todd’s mothers(school teacher that sexualized her daughter around 10 or 11)mouth piece.
    Garossino is a cult member of the mutilate and sterilize children Crew or anything to do with advocating for degeneracy.
    I would like to think that Elon decided to buy Twitter once he met Garossino as a counter to nutcases like her.
    Garossino is on Twitter so if anyone doesn’t believe me go check her feed.

    1. CanadaPoli Post

      I believe you. She looks like she’d stab you and just be interested in smearing the blood around. What a weirdo.

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