Top 10 Reasons Poilievre Should Appoint His Own Rapporteur

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1.  Trudeau will claim Poilievre is making a mockery of the parliamentary process. That criticism can then be thrown right back into Trudeau’s face. “You’re right! Maybe appointing people willy nilly is a bad idea and the police should look into it.”

If the liberals want to cast doubt on the CPC rapporteur the CPC can ask what are the governing rules for a special rapporteur? Where are they written? Who wrote them? Does it have to be your childhood neighbour? Can anyone appoint one? Because both of us have one. I hear Jagmeet is going to have one.

2. If the rules don’t exist for Trudeau and he won’t abide by them, why should anyone else?

3. Having your own special rapporteur will be able to give your party things to report when Trudeau has announcements from his rapporteur

4. Making it Daniel Bulford or another high ranking former csis / rcmp with respectable credentials and national security clearance

5. Have the selected person do a real investigation. Make it a show for the Canadian public.

6. Have to fight fire with fire. Criticized by Trudeau. Have your Rapporteur “be concerned” by that.

7.  Usually the liberals make a political move and the CPC demands that they do not do this and runs out of runway. The public loses interest because they’re just a broken record telling Trudeau to do something he won’t stop doing.

8. Doing this will give them taking points that don’t depend on the liberals. If they start scheduling pressers the LPC will have their own pressers to counter

9. Controls the narriative in a way the CPC has not done since Trudeau took power

10. it would be fun to watch