What is the Difference Between a Bail Out and Ad Spending? I Explain It to Gerald Butts

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Is he saying the 600 million spent on buying the media in Canada is the same type of spending as has been happening for years?
Is a media bail out and budgeted ad spending the same thing?
Is spending on advertising going to end now that they have given the media 600 million dollars?
Why does he believe that the public think it’s okay that ‘many millions’ of taxpayers dollars are spent on advertising every year?

Main 2 points
Conflating support for public broadcasting and paying for News Media
Do benefits of public broadcasting translate to paying just for news media?

Gerald Butts

LPC Tweet

Ken Whyte Tweet

Ad Spends Q1 2018

Ad Spend history 2005 – 2017

CBC Public Broadcaster Comparison

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