Economic Update – Alberta Price Gab But Liberals Buy Media (Literally) – Weird Choice, Eh?

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Supporting Links :20 – Michelle laying out the stakes End 2:04 CPAC Interview Michelle Rempel on Free Speech and Media Being Bought Huffpost CTV – Ottawa on different economic planet Maxime Bernier Asks Trudeau Question in QP Watch my question to @JustinTrudeau in QP today about the UN’s Global Compact on Migrations. Regardez ma question à @JustinTrudeau …

New Brunswick Election Results – Liberals Fall and Stop Calling us #Fakenew says CBC

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Supporting Links NB Election Result From September How our system works (Able to stay in power despite not winning most seats) NB Liberal Government Fall Today Stop Calling us #Fakenews Says #Fakenews CBC Error happened.

CRTC Complaint Process, Private Racist Consultations by Ottawa and More!

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Supporting Documents CRTC Complaint Website Private Meetings on Immigration Straws! But wait, we aren’t polluting the ocean with plastic? What!? Woman banned from side of bus The definition of “woman” was banned from the sides of buses in Edinburgh over fears it could offend trans people — The Times and The Sunday Times (@thetimes) October 11, …