Media Absent On Ashura Toronto – Justin Trudeau’s Personal Days – Thomas Sowell’s 3 Qustions

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  Supporting Links Ottawa Primate Toronto Sun: Self Flagellation has no place in Canada Ashura .ca Ashura Press Release Ashura Search results on CBC The Star on Ashura Only Article About Ashura Public Calendar My Website home Sowell’s 3 Questions Error happened.

Tory gets ‘Historic Mandate?’ and Other Stories That Make Me Sad

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Supporting Links TheStar Article Faith Tweet Tories table motion for Government to act on ISIS member MPs approve motion calling for government strategy on returning ISIS members Bill c-75 Trudeau wants terrorism offences reduced to maximum six months of jail time MEC White Shame Liberals write off Auto Sector Loan The @liberal_party giving our money away again…..endlessly. …

CRTC Response, Arabic Second Biggest Language in Win-Dee-Zor? And More!

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Supporting Links Italy fights back! Italy Fights Back! "If there are people who have money, houses, or land in their home counties, WHY should we give them services for free, while Italians pay for everything? Enough, the gravy train is finished. This is not racism, it is justice 7 good sense" – PM Matteo Salvini — Amy Mek (@AmyMek) …

Freeland Lays Down On Trudeau’s Floor? Murdoch Mysteries WAY better than Municipal Election & More!

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Supporting Links Arg! I forgot to turn up my mic! I did just now. It will be fixed next video. Freeland Lays on Trudeu’s Floor Vice Admiral Mark Norman Trudeau changes tune on Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, refuses to comment on documents #cdnpoli — Lorrie Goldstein (@sunlorrie) October 18, 2018 You Godda Have Murdoch Mysteries? Torcan Sunny Days…. …

CPC Majority (If Election today), Faith’s Lawsuit Tossed out & How Much do you Trust John Tory?

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Supporting Links SunLorrie New Forum Poll says federal Conservatives would win a majority government if an election was held today: Tories 41%, Liberals 32%, NDP 15%, Greens 7%, BQ 4% (Quebec only), 1,226 randomly selected Canadian voters polled Oct. 7 to 10, margin of error +/- 3%. #cdnpoli — Lorrie Goldstein (@sunlorrie) October 17, 2018 Forum Poll Faith Goldy …

CRTC Complaint Process, Private Racist Consultations by Ottawa and More!

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Supporting Documents CRTC Complaint Website Private Meetings on Immigration Straws! But wait, we aren’t polluting the ocean with plastic? What!? Woman banned from side of bus The definition of “woman” was banned from the sides of buses in Edinburgh over fears it could offend trans people — The Times and The Sunday Times (@thetimes) October 11, …

Faith Goldy’s Ads Being Dropped By @Rogers Media + Maxime Bernier Tweets

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  Supporting Links My Website: home Faith’s Ads Banned by Rogers Faith in McDonalds Faith CRUSHES this (totally biased and not at all scientific poll Maxime Bernier on what he offers all Canadians And here is what I offer Canadians who happen to have immigrated from India, and all other Canadians: smaller gov, no more pandering to …

Terrorists Just Wanna Go Home + Money Laundering + Vote Buying For Chinese Voters? Oh My!

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Supporting Links Islamic State Terrorist lost the war and just wants to come home (boo hoo). ‘I just want to go back’: Canadian ISIS fighter captured in northern Syria speaks out Global says ‘we should bring back isis wives and children’ Germany takes islamic wives and children Chinese gangs launder money through vancouver real estate How Chinese gangs …

Faith Goldy Tells 680 News Her Elevator Pitch & John Tory’s 2003 Position on Illegal Immigrants!

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Supporting Links Faith Goldy in her own Words Controversial Toronto Mayoral Candidate Faith Goldy Sues Bell John Tory Watch tweet on Criminal Behaviour of Illegal Immigrants Original from Tory’s Website 2003 Error happened.

Tory ‘Loomered’, Ford ‘Social Murderer!’ (What?! lol) and Marginal Tax Rates in Canada

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Supporting Links Lorrie Goldstein Where's the Toronto Star's paywall when you need it? Social murder and the Doug Ford government: 'Make no mistake about it. Doug Ford policies will kill … not just kill the least well-off but affect the quality of life of all.' #onpoli — Lorrie Goldstein (@sunlorrie) October 8, 2018 Ford and SOCIAL MURDER Faith …