New Brunswick Election Results – Liberals Fall and Stop Calling us #Fakenew says CBC

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Supporting Links NB Election Result From September How our system works (Able to stay in power despite not winning most seats) NB Liberal Government Fall Today Stop Calling us #Fakenews Says #Fakenews CBC

Useful Idiots, Canadian Spending and Doug Ford Saves Canada (or at least helps Ontario?)

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Supporting Links Useful Idiots Ottawa Spending Breaches 300 B Ottawa’s annual spending breaches $300B for first time, pushing up Canada’s debt ratio Tory with Muslim Lobby in TO First its @Jen_Keesmaat in Hijab with Mullahs. Then it's @JohnTory embracing the ugly Sharia law lobby in Toronto. Y is brown-nosing Islamists OK when u blacklist @FaithGoldy? Mayor Tory u embrace …

A PPC Party Plank Rolled Out, Quebec’s New Provincial Party is Racist? And #MeToo and Male Fear!

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Supporting Links Supporters of PPC Corporate welfare is reward for failure, all at the cost of Canadian taxpayers. Canadians should not be punished because corporations cannot survive in the free market. Only Maxime Bernier and the PPC are vowing to end corporate welfare! #BernierNation #PPC2019 #cdnpoli — Supporters of PPC (@SupportersOfPPC) October 13, 2018 Global News Calls Quebec’s New …

Grade 10 Students given Propaganda Assignment (and i have a link!) & Doug Ford Fly’s Economy Class

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Supporting Links Doug Ford Flying Economy A fan snapped this picture of Doug Ford flying economy class. Do you think Kathleen Wynne ever tried to save tax dollars like this? #onpoli — Ontario Proud (@ontarioisproud) October 4, 2018 CFJC Kamloops Facebook Post I cannot let this slide. It must be exposed, discussed, and then expediently rectified.The attached picture …

Provincial Elections, Reporting Inconsistencies and ‘Dead Heats’ turn into Majority Governments

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Supporting Links April Poll Poll shows Liberals, CAQ tied September 25 Quebec election: Liberals break away from CAQ with 7-point lead: poll Dead Heat CAQ, Liberals in dead heat: Ipsos poll Close to majority Quebec Poll Tracker Marjory for CAQ Maclean’s NDP and PC Dead Heat Horwath and Ford Photo Finish You’re a bad …