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Bill C-75 and Scheer Announces Gang and Carbon Planks (with Ford) – Farage Calls Out Germany

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Notes bill c-75 – reducing gang crime to administrative crime

-1:58 – end auto bail eligibility
– list of criminal organizations in criminal code
– mandatory sentences for
– ordering and committing violent offences for

Scheer Speech

A Safer Canada

I’ve announced the first pillar of my plan to ensure we’re building a safer Canada by addressing gang crime. My plan was developed from my talks with law enforcement, community organizations, and victims to ensure it’s tackling the real challenges we face fighting gang crime.

Posted by Andrew Scheer on Sunday, November 11, 2018

Canadian Lawyer on C-75

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Carbon Tax

Canada Business Silences Canadian Journalists

Nigel Farage

Bill C-75 is more dangerous than what Scheer believes . It changes our Criminal Codes and makes a two tier legal system and will add a massive amount to our provincial taxes. It will deny a fair trial to the accused. It will change the puishments for crimes that were once federal crimes to a provincial crime. This two tier system opens the door to the bribery of officiers of the court. It reduces punishments for crimes that are found guilty and leaves the decision to the judge. It fails the victims of assault, human rafficking, rape, and terrorism. errorism will now be a provincial crime instead a crime against our country. Their punishment will be less than petty crime.