Maxime Bernier Tweet Roundup October 21 2018

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Supporting Links Faith Goldy’s Google Ads Shut Down Left and Right in Canada Police should protect citizens Our laws and police forces should protect peaceful citizens against criminals, not harass them when they try to defend themselves. Nos lois et forces policières devraient protéger les citoyens pacifiques contre les criminels, non les harceler lorsqu’ils tentent de se défendre. …

A PPC Party Plank Rolled Out, Quebec’s New Provincial Party is Racist? And #MeToo and Male Fear!

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Supporting Links Supporters of PPC Global News Calls Quebec’s New Provincial Government Racist Quebec’s new government wants to reduce immigrants. Can its economy afford it? #Metoo and Male Fear. Error happened.

Maxime Bernier October 3 Update! Supply Management! 20,500 Members!

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Supporting Links I keep forgetting you can subscribe via podcast app as well! Maxime Bernier SM Tweet 1/ This is the stupidest aspect of the trade agreement. We’re not abolishing the SM cartel, the system remains in place, consumers will continue to pay more, and Canadian farmers still won’t be able to export. But the Lib gov will fork out …

Bernier Interview Highlight – Immigration, CBC and a message to CPC supporters!

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Supporting Documents 8:25 – Open Border, Immigration and Illegal immigrant. Hijab etc 9:17 – our platform, immigrants 10:35 – Syrian / cultural test for Canadian values – He wants to hear from Canadians 12:30 – don’t need to throw everything out, the points system is a good one. We can improve it. 13:13 – increasing immigrants – less than 10% …