Liberal Rage Farming

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    The RCMP showing their true colours again. Politicians don’t need to carry guns to shoot people that disagree with them, that’s the RCMP’s job.

    Marc when you started talking about motorcycles you hit something that vastly improved your volume. I was able to take a bite of my home made sourdough toast without puttin g your vid on pause, thank you.

    I urge caution speaking about cloud seeding without illustrating the difference between this 80 yr old technology and high altitude aerosol spraying (chem trails). You did conclude your thoughts about the geoengineering by pointing out the difference, thank you.
    Cloud seeding is difficult to observe as planes fly into and through cumulus clouds. Cloud seeding does not happen or work flying through clear skies.
    I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about cloud seeding but I never heard of or remember ground based cloud seeding… something I will look into.

    My adult son worked for Whitewater Ski hill in the West Kootenays for several years… went through several owners too for some reason. Some owners were more transparent than others, and one year they mentioned to staff about an offer from a company to cloud seed the skies over Whitewater to increase the snow. They did not take the offer.
    I agree the public should be able to learn when, where, how much and for whom cloud seeding in Canada is/was conducted.

    Also Marc, if you would please consider… your short teaser vids if you could wrap up a topic before cutting them off that would be nice. Thanks.
    and PS… (your reports are better when your a little angry imo)

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