Question Period Highlights – SNC, Grassy Narrows and SCC Leaks + More!

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Question Period – April 1 2019

5:09 – refused all witnesses.

7:35 – Scandal is not going away – every day … PM Mislead this house

14:07 – stop changing his story and start telling canadians the truth

Same speaking points

15:15 – we don’t live in a dictatorship, canadians need to hear the truth

16:16 – pay close heed to the clerk of the privy council
The tape doesn’t lie

17:40 end the cover up
18:50 – mercury poisoning + grassy narrows

20:00 – what happened to moral and ethical government

21:37 – scc media leak to smear JWR

22:15 – in attempt to undermine jwr

23:38 – government is corrupt. Will liberals investigate this leak?

24:45 – manitoba bar association

29:30 – political interference in SNC, lots of questions. “Best policy in the world, but we need to get reelected” what did he mean?

31:05 – doesn’t want to debate legalities anymore?
32:04 – one sense but not snc. 30k for quadaffi’s son for prostitutes. Dpa was studied for 5 weeks (but it was never seen by the ag / justice minister)