Trump Meets Kim, Fentynal Bust, Antifa Mob Milkshakes

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Trump in North Korea

Toronto Police Seize 250 of fentanyl

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Antifa and Andy Ngo

More Violence

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  1. Did anyone think that handshake between a U.S. President and a North Korean Chairman would ever happen? In North Korea at the DMZ? That was surreal to watch. Obama had the Nobel Peace Prize “awarded” to him just months into his first term for… I am still waiting for that one. Hold on to your hat and prepare to catch your jaw from hitting the ground I say! Have a great long weekend and a safe and happy Canada Day everyone!

  2. [QUOTE=”Unibrow, post: 14928, member: 407″]Did anyone think that handshake between a U.S. President and a North Korean Chairman would ever happen?[/QUOTE]
    Nope! I think it is a good thing and who knows what will happen. Can you imagine the global political panic it NK and the USA got friendly. The rest of the global cabal would go insane. I think it shows that Trump is a business man (here in Canada we must say business kind person) then a politician or “kiss ass”.

    I’ve been watching some documentaries about NK and it’s interesting. We North Americans have to understand the culture differences and history. Not that I agree with NK policy or culture. It’s different. Times are changing and Kim Jong-Un might realize NK needs to change. Just think
    about the changes in Russian and China in the past 30 years. China has become a economic leader in a short time frame and maybe NK see this as progress and want’s a piece of the pie.

    Could be this entire Rocket crisis was staged to get to the hidden agenda. Politicians are good at that. Us average joe’s don’t thing ten moves down the road.

  3. [QUOTE=”Cdnguy, post: 14956, member: 5″]democratic opposition.[/QUOTE]
    Destroy a democratic opposition and create a collective one.

  4. [QUOTE=”Direflames, post: 14957, member: 4″][MEDIA=youtube]WKBzPeqzaig[/MEDIA][/QUOTE]
    Seems every where ANTIFA shows up there is violence. Just saying.

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