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    So weird…you got me wondering what the Mu…celebration was that Pierre Poilivere was attending, so I looked it up. It actually sounds like a lot of fun. It comes from a city of the same name in Spain. I first posted a somewhat detailed description of it, and it’s origination. It disappeared as I tried to post it. Then I tried again, thinking it was some weird fluke. The same thing happened. Someone, or something in the Rumble algorithms seemingly didn’t approve of my description of the holiday and it’s history.

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    I went to Walmart yesterday for probably the first time in almost a year. I was first shocked at the change in the demographics of the employees, quickly followed by surprise at the number of items of items that are now under lock and key. This locking up of so many items was evident in Canadian Tire as well. My first thought regarding everything being locked up is that they need more employees on the floor if they’re doing this. It wouldn’t take me long to give up and walk out if I wanted something under lock and key and see a store employee in sight.

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