Foreign Money In Canadian Elections? Yeah, Probably.

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Supporting Links What is leadnow? What is an NGO Who started leadnow? Why does it matter? Intro To Ben Branzel and who he is and what he does Leadnow has ben branzel as founding director, he changes policies to allow international funding. Shortly after Leadnow gets 16 mil seed funding, won’t disclose money What is leadnow The …

Jagmeet Singh On Republicanism and Governor General Clarkson

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Supporting Links Was Governor General in 2005 Clarkson – Annual Salary – 140,000k Allowed stipend for yearly office expenses 100,000 Review and ensure transparency – does it make sense to canadians Interview W/ Jagmeet Citizens for a Canadian Republic Republicanism in Canada Head of State

Clarkson’s Spending Takes Center Stage and What does the ICC Do?

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Supporting Links CTV on GG Controversy Clarkson Op Ed ICC Financials About Page for ICC JT Funding will be Reviewed Liberal MP Di Lorio So, I just did a 28 minute interview with Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio, who confirms he has not been on Parliament Hill since the House returned in September. We wrote …

New Brunswick Election Results – Liberals Fall and Stop Calling us #Fakenew says CBC

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Supporting Links NB Election Result From September How our system works (Able to stay in power despite not winning most seats) NB Liberal Government Fall Today Stop Calling us #Fakenews Says #Fakenews CBC

Max Walks ‘Climate Change’ Tightrope and #PPC has 31,000 Members!

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Supporting Links Max Tweet Maxime Bernier's People's Party claims 30,000 'founding members' | CBC News — Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) October 31, 2018 CBC Article PPC Final Numbers After yesterday’s final blitz, the @peoplespca has 31,549 Founding Members! Thank you to all these Canadians who are making history! — People's Party of Canada (@peoplespca) November 1, 2018 Bernier …

Michelle Rempel Puts Some Meat on the CPC Immigration Policy!!

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Supporting Links 8:50 – JT has no credibility 9:00 – How we allow and who we allow into Canada matters. -End practice of setting immigration levels as means to seat on un security council – decrease # people entering canada illegal through roxham road -Close loophole in STC – Significantly expedite the processing and removal of those Trudeau has let …

Yet More StatsCan Problems and Let’s Increase our Immigration Rates? Yes! Says Hussen!

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Supporting Links John Brassard Tweet For the past 2 days, @JustinTrudeau on going after your private banking data without your consent have been saying they were working with the Privacy Commissioner…..CLEARLY THEY WERE NOT. #Barrie #Innisfil #cdnpoli #onpoli — John Brassard (@JohnBrassardCPC) October 31, 2018 Privacy Commissioner Investigation 2017-18 Annual Report CSIS Metadata Collection Trudeau Saying that …