Dear Leader Introduces Super Popular Tax onto Racist Ungrateful Canadian Citizens

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Supporting Links Kevin Libin: Trudeau’s unwieldy carbon plan is so much worse than just a tax, via @NationalPost — #ClimateBarbie (@CIimateBarbie) October 24, 2018 :40 – ‘we will act’ 1:03 – climate action incentive 300 this spring (2019) 799 – (2022) This is our money. That we would have had all year. But now we have to give …

Tory gets ‘Historic Mandate?’ and Other Stories That Make Me Sad

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Supporting Links TheStar Article Faith Tweet SO HUMBLED by every single Torontonian who put his vote behind The People’s candidate!To our volunteers: YOUR sacrifice drives me to serve in all that I do.I love you all!We had higher energy & worked harder than the others, placing on the podium.This is the beginning… — Faith J Goldy 🎄 (@FaithGoldy) October …

Michelle Rempel Talks Global Compact on Migration and Other Immigration

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Supporting Links Hungary Rempel :23 – 3 issues people have been emailing about 1:33 – 2 min first order of responsibility of the canadian government is to bring these people to justice? Really what the hell is the canadian government’s job according to you, Michelle? Isn’t the government’s responsibility to the safety of their population? 5:01 – CPC Canada is …

Maxime Bernier Tweet Roundup October 21 2018

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Supporting Links Faith Goldy’s Google Ads Shut Down 🚨ALERT🚨@Google just paused the Faith Goldy for Toronto Mayor ads for NO REASON‼️ Here’s their “circumventing systems” policy: TOTAL LIES! One account, one credit card, for one campaign. And Google offices aren’t open until the day of the election! — Faith J Goldy 🎄 (@FaithGoldy) October 21, 2018 Left and …

Useful Idiots, Canadian Spending and Doug Ford Saves Canada (or at least helps Ontario?)

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Supporting Links Useful Idiots Ottawa Spending Breaches 300 B Ottawa’s annual spending breaches $300B for first time, pushing up Canada’s debt ratio Tory with Muslim Lobby in TO First its @Jen_Keesmaat in Hijab with Mullahs. Then it's @JohnTory embracing the ugly Sharia law lobby in Toronto. Y is brown-nosing Islamists OK when u blacklist @FaithGoldy? Mayor Tory u embrace …

CRTC Response, Arabic Second Biggest Language in Win-Dee-Zor? And More!

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Supporting Links Italy fights back! Italy Fights Back! "If there are people who have money, houses, or land in their home counties, WHY should we give them services for free, while Italians pay for everything? Enough, the gravy train is finished. This is not racism, it is justice 7 good sense" – PM Matteo Salvini — Amy Mek (@AmyMek) …

The Global Compact on Refugees – A Look at The First 17 Pages

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Supporting Links Cost – Yello P. 1 – The gap between needs and funding has widened. Trump on Refugees Can’t have it both ways! On cost! Why aren’t these frontline countries, who share the religion and culture of their neighbour, lining up to get that 63 billion in economic benefit? WHY? It defies reason! 7. Objectives of the …

Freeland Lays Down On Trudeau’s Floor? Murdoch Mysteries WAY better than Municipal Election & More!

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Supporting Links Arg! I forgot to turn up my mic! I did just now. It will be fixed next video. Freeland Lays on Trudeu’s Floor After inking USMCA deal, the first thing Chrystia Freeland did was lie on the floor of Trudeau’s office Vice Admiral Mark Norman Trudeau changes tune on Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, refuses to comment on documents …

CPC Majority (If Election today), Faith’s Lawsuit Tossed out & How Much do you Trust John Tory?

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Supporting Links SunLorrie New Forum Poll says federal Conservatives would win a majority government if an election was held today: Tories 41%, Liberals 32%, NDP 15%, Greens 7%, BQ 4% (Quebec only), 1,226 randomly selected Canadian voters polled Oct. 7 to 10, margin of error +/- 3%. #cdnpoli — Lorrie Goldstein (@sunlorrie) October 17, 2018 Forum Poll Faith Goldy …

CRTC Complaint Process, Private Racist Consultations by Ottawa and More!

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Supporting Documents CRTC Complaint Website Private Meetings on Immigration Straws! But wait, we aren’t polluting the ocean with plastic? What!? Woman banned from side of bus The definition of “woman” was banned from the sides of buses in Edinburgh over fears it could offend trans people — The Times of London (@thetimes) October 11, 2018 Cloper